When life gives you lemons...

Weeknotes for Lemonade

Week 7: Oh hi, over-the-top birth announcement

A fair portion of the time I’ve invested in puppy prep so far has gone into designing this birth announcement. Since I don’t want children, I’ve embraced the idea that I will be treating my dog like one.

Overall, week 7 is beautiful. We finally get a puppy update, which makes it official: hi ears! Apparently the ears could flop down for a bit at some point, but for now I’m just excited to put my nose in them.

We started the McCann Dogs Puppy Essentials course after falling in love with their great YouTube account. If you’re considering getting a puppy, check them out: they break down dog raising into small, easy-to-handle chunks, particularly for first-time dog owners. If your dog is already a bit older but just doesn’t know how to behave (hi Mary), they have stuff for that, too.

A seven-week-old brown-white corgi puppy hanging out on a couch, cradling a bone

Week 3: Hello moms

Week 1: Hello world